3x2 Promotion: Terms & Conditions


1. Dates

This offer is only valid on Thursday the 29th of October 2020.

2. Applicable Items

This offer will be valid for the entirety of items on outlet.asics.com. This offer is not valid for purchases on www.asics.com or third-party sites.

3. Promotion

For any purchase of 3 items, the cost of the lowest-priced item will be deducted from the total ("free" item). If more than 3 items are purchased, the cost of the lowest-priced item will still be deducted from the total.

4. Returns

4.a. If the “free” item is returned no refund will be issued as the order will no longer qualify for the “3x2” promotion.

4.b. If one of the other items is returned the price paid for the item will be refunded.

4.c. If only the “free” item is kept and the others are returned, ASICS reserves the right to charge the amount corresponding to the “free” item.

5. Cancellation

If the “free” item is cancelled due to lack of stock, ASICS reserves the right to ship the order. The order can be returned without additional cost.

6. Warranty

This promotion will not void the warranty and product warranty will still remain valid for all items purchased during this promotion.

7. Others

ASICS reserves the right to end/modify this promotion at any time. General Terms & Conditions still apply for all purchases on outlet.asics.com.