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Men's Shoes
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The GEL-ODYSSEY™ shoe is a versatile walking shoe that's built to last. Its FLYTEFOAM™ Propel cushioning goes beyond conventional foams' shock-absorbing properties. This material helps increase the shoe's durability while adding a more responsive rebound.

The shoe has design features that help stop ""overpronation""—the foot's tendency to roll inwards when walking. It implements DUOMAX™ technology, which consists of two different density midsole materials to provide smooth overpronation control.

When walking long distances, comfort is key, which is why we've placed our GEL™ technology in the rearfoot. This material offers good shock absorption, which is useful for activities involving constant impact on the foot.

Style #: 1131A062.001

Designed For Overpronation



  • Foot Type

    Low arches or flat feet
  • Push Off

    Big toe and second toe do majority of the work.
  • How your foot contacts the ground

    The foot lands on outside of heel, then rolls inward (pronates) excessively, transferring weight to inner edge instead of ball of the foot.
  • FLYTEFOAM™ Propel midsole foam
  • AHARPLUS™ heel plug improves durability
  • Removable OrthoLite™ sockliner
  • TRUSSTIC™ technology improves stability
  • Rearfoot GEL™ technology improves impact absorption and creates a softer feeling at footstrike

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