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The METARUN™ shoe by ASICS adapts to your individual running style. It’s built with advanced technology and comfort for an appropriate running experience.

FLYTEFOAM™ technology in the midsole delivers a smooth ride from the moment your foot hits the ground to the time you toe off. GEL™ technology cushioning in the heel offers soft, durable impact protection. Three different technologies in the METARUN™ shoe work together to stabilize the foot and guide it forward for an efficient toe off.

The upper not only wraps the foot like a glove but works with the midsole to complement the sole’s stability. Soft flexible internal bands lock the midfoot over the sole and run back into the heel where they tie into the METACLUTCH™ technology system, to stabilize the heel for excellent rearfoot hold.

The METARUN™ shoe offers excellent stability and comfort. Its adaptive nature and the premium underfoot feel make the METARUN™ shoe a great choice for beginning runners and experienced marathoner alike.

Style #: 1012A513.001

Designed For Overpronation



  • Foot Type

    Low arches or flat feet
  • Push Off

    Big toe and second toe do majority of the work.
  • How your foot contacts the ground

    The foot lands on outside of heel, then rolls inward (pronates) excessively, transferring weight to inner edge instead of ball of the foot.
  • FLYTEFOAM™ Lyte technology cushioning
  • GEL™ technology cushioning
  • I.G.S™ (Impact Guidance System) technology improves gait efficiency
  • METACLUTCH™ technology for stability