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Desiged for long-distance running, the GEL-GLORIFY™ 4 running shoe is equipped with lightweight stability and cushioning properties that are funcitonal for a variety of running workouts.

Featuring a series of no-sew overlays to reinforce stability throughout the upper, this shoe is is also complemented with mesh paneling to improve airflow and keep feet cool.

This iteration continues to implement the FLYTEFOAM™ & FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology in the midsole to create a better bounceback in between strides, while the vertical grooves of the GUIDANCE LINE™ technology appears in the tooling to improve gait efficiency. Complemented with rear and forefoot GEL™ cushioning technology, this shoe also promotes excellent shock absorption during the impact phase of your stride.

Ready to go the distance, the GEL-GLORIFY™ 4 running shoe features advanced support and cushioning properties to help you take on your training goals with confidence.

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